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Dive into the VioletAMS Experience

VioletAMS is the Assessment Management System (AMS) developed by Violet InfoSystems. This platform is designed specifically for assessing the knowledge of users on a variety of topics. It is a scalable, robust, and flexible platform that can be individualized - so that each user can access assessments that have been assigned specifically to him/her. The product allows random questions to be shown and follows a question bank model where questions appear from a larger bank, to ensure each user gets a different set of questions each time they access the assessment.

    Core reasons for deploying a AMS in your organization

  • Effective management of assessment administration
  • Consolidation of question banks within a single system
  • Centralization and standardization of the quality of assessment questions
  • Prevention of assessments being rigged
  • Reduction of assessment costs
  • Availability of reports immediately post assessment
  • Easy awarding of certificates to attendees
  • Possibility of running assessments even if the user count is smaller

Key Features

    Assessment Module/Exam features

    • Multiple Choice Single Select (MCSS)
    • Multiple Choice Multiple Select (MCMS)
    • Scenario-based questions
    • True/False

    Question Bank

    • Option to select number of questions to display from question bank
    • Filter trainings for a range of dates
    • HTML text editor for questions and options
    • Import questions from excel sheet
    • Download questions in excel sheet
    • Assign weightages to questions
    • Attach documents with questions

    Linked Questions

    • Linking of questions to multiple assessments
    • Updates are reflected on all linked questions

    Access Limits for User

    • Limiting the time for each attempt
    • Specifying the number of attempts allowed
    • Unlocking assessments for users who have used up the number of attempts allowed
    • Limiting access after passing grade

    Exam Authenticity

    • Question randomisation
    • Option randomisation


    • Answers not passed to front end for improved security

    Scoring Models

    • Score can be displayed on the basis of:
      • First Attempt
      • Last Attempt
      • Highest Score
      • Latest Score