Training Management System

Dive into the VioletTMS Experience

VioletTMS is the Training Management System (TMS) developed by Violet InfoSystems. This platform is designed specifically for managing the trainings to be assigned to users. This product offers a platform for defining the various details related to trainings and for assigning these to users through batches. Attendees, managers and trainers can view these information and perform various related actions through a centralized system.

Core reasons for deploying a TMS in your organization

  • Effective management of training administration
  • Easy visibility of training batch status
  • Record of trainings assigned or cancelled
  • Reminders for training attendance
  • Easy acceptance, rejection or nomination of trainings
  • Central place for collecting feedback from trainers and trainees
  • Easy awarding of certificates to attendees
  • Availability of reports and history for every training
  • Approval Process for user and trainer
  • Internal and External Trainer login to view and manage trainings
  • Auto updates on change of Venue, Time or Trainer.

Key Features

Admin Features

  • Updating training details such as:
    • Venue
    • Duration
    • Agenda
    • Schedule
    • Trainer
    • Batch, and more
  • Assign trainings to trainers
  • Generating reports for trainings
  • Exporting reports in excel format
  • Update feedback and attendance
  • Manager Features

  • View status and list of trainings for users
  • Filter trainings for a range of dates
  • Select and nominate trainings to users
  • Nominate to multiple users at once
  • View and accept or reject training nominations from users
  • View history of trainings for users
  • View seat availability for trainings
  • Trainer Features

  • View list of trainings
  • Filter trainings for a range of dates
  • View list of assigned trainings
  • Accept or reject trainings assigned
  • View history of trainings
  • View history of trainings for users
  • Download a package of resource files for the training (linked to KMS module)
  • Download brochure to know more