Assessment Management System

Dive into the VioletAMS Experience

VioletAMS is the Assessment Management System (AMS) developed by Violet InfoSystems. This platform is designed specifically for assessing the knowledge of users on a variety of topics. It is a scalable, robust, and flexible platform that can be individualized - so that each user can access assessments that have been assigned specifically to him/her. The product allows random questions to be shown and follows a question bank model where questions appear from a larger bank, to ensure each user gets a different set of questions each time they access the assessment.

Core reasons for deploying an AMS in your organization

  • Effective management of assessment administration
  • Consolidation of question banks within a single system
  • Centralization and standardization of the quality of assessment questions
  • Prevention of assessments being rigged
  • Reduction of assessment costs
  • Availability of reports immediately post assessment
  • Easy awarding of certificates to attendees
  • Possibility of running assessments even if the user count is smaller

Key Features

Assessment Module/Exam features

  • Types of Assessment
    • Multiple Choice Single Select (MCSS)
    • Multiple Choice Multiple Select (MCMS)
    • Scenario-based questions
    • True/False
  • Question bank
    • Option to select number of questions to display from question bank
    • Filter trainings for a range of dates
    • HTML text editor for questions and options
    • Import questions from excel sheet
    • Download questions in excel sheet
    • Assign weightages to questions
    • Attach documents with questions
  • Linked Questions
    • Linking of questions to multiple assessments
    • Updates are reflected on all linked questions
  • Access Limits for User
    • Limiting the time for each attempt
    • Specifying the number of attempts allowed
    • Unlocking assessments for users who have used up the number of attempts allowed
    • Limiting access after passing grade
  • Exam Authenticity
    • Question randomisation
    • Option randomisation
  • Security
    • Answers not passed to front end for improved security
  • Scoring Models
  • Score can be displayed on the basis of:
    • First Attempt
    • Last Attempt
    • Highest Score
    • Latest Score

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